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You have questions.    They have answers.

Create a book of questions. 


Ask the questions that help you learn about their lives.  Create your own, or choose from hundreds of Journus sample questions.

Get their answers.

Share your eBook of questions with

a parent, relative, or friend who will give answers with text, pictures, and maps. 

Publish to hardcopy.


Preserve their stories as a timeless printed book.


"My sister and I used the anniversary outline to create a book for our parents' 50th anniversary.

They had  great fun answering  our questions (and  reminiscing). The book is so gorgeous, each sibling ordered one.


"My parents live very far away and could not see their first grandchild as often as they wanted. I put a book together about her First Year. The starter outline made it fun and easy. They share their book with everyone."


"I wanted to know everything about my great grandfather's 95 yrs. He didn't know I cared. It was easy and fun for both of us. Now all the family has a book to cherish.

Thank you Journus." 


"Our daughter took a gap year and we wanted to share the experience with her. We used the Journus Travel and Adventure outline. She added her wonderful answers, maps, and photos. We will treasure our book forever." 


 “I love the way that each book—any book—is its own journey. You open it, and off you go….”   ~ Sharon Creec   


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