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Journus is a story company helping you capture narratives, reflections, and adventures from the lives of loved ones.  Stories are printed and delivered as timeless hardcopy books. Journus makes building personal biographies fun and easy, with our unique Question and Answer format.   

You have questions.   They have answers.


The idea of Journus began one winter afternoon, after a great day of skiing with a friend. As we were driving home, my friend mentioned that his father had just given him and his siblings an autobiography. He loved reading about his father’s thoughts, experiences, and life events – and learning lots of things he never knew.  Later that night I got to thinking about how nice it is to share life stories and memories with your family and wished I had something like that from my father.  However, my father would never sit down and write an autobiography and I knew it.  First, he would be too intimidated with those blank pages and second, he would not think his sons would want to know the details of his life.  Being a software developer, I wondered if a software service could help make the process of creating a compilation of life stories easier and less intimidating.   

The very next day, I shared my thoughts with my business partner.  It was good timing because he had recently traveled cross-country to visit his parents and had been having similar thoughts. We quickly merged our ideas into what we called a “biography assistant”, and Journus was born.  


Our  hope is that Journus will give others the opportunity to easily ask for and share biographies with family members and have them preserved in a high quality hard cover printed edition to be cherished.

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