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  • What is included in my book purchase?
    Your purchase includes your hardcover biography and your digital e-book that you can share with others. View Products
  • What is the process of publishing a story or biography?
    You pick the book cover style (Matte or Glossy) and if you want a color or black and white edition. The book will be mailed directly to the address you indicate. View the Process
  • Can I purchase extra books?
    Yes. You or your family members can order additional books by going to the their account and ordering or you can use your account for them. View Products
  • Can others access my book?
    You can share your book with anybody you want. You have two choices. They can be a reader only or you can give them permissions to edit and write. Invite as many authors to collaborate as you want! No personnel at Journus sees your book at any time. View Products
  • What do the books look like?
    You have the option of choosing between the 6x9” Classic Edition or the Coffee Table Book at 8.5x11”. You choose whether you want a Matte or Glossy finish for the cover. View Products
  • What size books can I purchase?
    You have the option of choosing between the 6x9” Classic Edition or the Coffee Table Book at 8.5x11”. View Products
  • Can I choose the questions and headings?
    You can edit any starter outlines by deleting and adding questions and headings. Journus has an extensive library of sample questions for you to select from or create your own questions. You can also start with a blank book to create your own story with chapters, headings, text, photos, maps and sketches. View Process
  • What if I do not want to choose my own questions?
    You can use one of our many Biography Assistant starter outlines which are prepopulated with focused questions in an outline form for your book. You can also add and delete questions using the collection of questions in the Journus Sample Questions tab while editing your outline of choice. View Process
  • Can my whole family’s story be printed in the same book?
    Yes, you can share with as many people in your family as you want. You can each have a chapter to yourselves or each answer the same questions. You have final editing permission so you can rearrange any of the text, pictures, and maps. Once you share, every family member will have a login and the ability to print out their copy. A family favorite is the option to include up to 450 pages in the 6x9" or 8.5x11" hardcover editions. View Options
  • Can I invite two authors that share the same email address?
    Yes. They both can make an account on For security reasons only one can be logged in at a time. View Sign Up page
  • How do I submit my book for printing?
    After the author(s) are done telling their story with text, pictures, maps and sketches you can proofread and edit the story. Once you have confirmed that the book is exactly as you wish it to be, you can choose to print. At this stage you will check a box stating the book is ready for printing. When ordering printed books, you can choose between a Matte or Glossy cover and whether to print the book as color or black & whtie. View Process
  • Is there a page limit?
    There are no page limits for The Digital Edition. The Classic and The Coffee Table books can be up to 450 pages, beautifully bound and printed at Journus.
  • Can I include photos?
    Yes. We encourage you to invite your author to upload pictures (and maps) to make the book more personal. You will select the icons and place them on the pages as placeholders for the author or you can let them choose themselves. You can also choose if you want your book printed in black/ white or in color. View Process
  • Can I include maps?
    Yes. We encourage you to invite your author to upload maps (and pictures) to make the book more personal. You have the ability to use the icons to put placeholders on certain pages so that your author is prompted to add maps (and pictures) for those particular questions. They can put additional maps (and pictures) elsewhere in the book too. You can also choose if you want your book printed in black/ white or in color. View Process
  • Can I edit after the author has answered my questions?
    Yes. Once the author is done answering the questions, adding pictures and maps you will be able to perform your final editing. Here you will proofread and spellcheck. You will also be able to rearrange the pages, change the layout. Check any photos and maps for clarity and upload again if necessary. View Process
  • Can I include captions to photos and maps?
    Yes. You can add captions to any map or photo. Simply click on the text icon and the box will appear to write in. View Process
  • What happens to the questions and answers after I have purchased my books?
    Your personal data will be kept in your secure account incase you or another family member would like to print another copy. Your data is never viewed by any Journus employee. Once you do not want the data you are able to delete it. Privacy Policy
  • Can I add questions after I send it to the author?
    Yes. You simply go to your books on and add the new questions for the author. No need to resend. The next time the author logs on to continue working on their biography the new questions will be in their book. View Process
  • Can you ship internationally?
    Yes. You will be prompted at time of checkout to contact via email a Journus customer service rep at to have your book shipped internationally. There will be an additional charge which covers the shipping costs only, there is no customer service fee for this request.
  • Can you print a book in a foreign language?
    Yes. We can print in any language the author responds in. No characters currently. View Products
  • Is there a time limit to print my book?
    No. If you have your Journus account all your books will be saved securely until you delete them. Privacy Policy
  • How will I know what my book will look like before I print it?
    You can preview at the time of editing so that you can see exactly what your book will look like before you print it.
  • What is the return policy?
    If for any reason you are not satisfied with the book quality, you can return it for a full refund. Please refer to the refund section on the tems and conditions page. Editing and spelling mistakes are the responsibility of the owner. Refund Policy
  • How long does it take for books to be delivered?
    Your book will be printed and mailed to you between 10-14 business days. During the holiday season we have seen books take longer (15-20 business days). Please order with plenty of time for the USPS to get your book to where it needs to go.
  • Can I choose whether my book is color or black and white?
    You can choose if you want a book printed in premium color ink for rich color or in timeless black and white. Product Details
  • Can I change the order of the questions in my book?
    You have full ability to add, delete, and change the order of the questions in your book. You can add and delete pages and also add placeholders for pictures and maps. View Process
  • Can I print a gift card?
    Yes, you can print an invitation to give to the author. When your book is ready you can send an evite to the authors email address as well. This is how the author will be instructed to create a log in to access the book and start answering your questions.
  • Can I remove the questions after the author has answered them?
    As the owner you have final editing capabilities. You can change the book in anyway before printing. View Process
  • What type of biographies can I make?
    We have starter outlines for Life Stories, Milestone Anniversary, Baby's First Year, Travel & Adventure, Expectant Couples and much more. We even give the options of the blank slate with the Build it Myself. The most popular books at Journus are life stories, baby's first year, travel/adventure, and milestone anniversary biographies. View Process
  • What types of Journus starter outlines are available?
    Journus has outlines with prearranged questions to get you started. Some of the starter outlines are prepopulated with life story questions, as well as Baby's First Year, milestone anniversaries, adventure travel, grandparent's stories, mother or father stories and a way for you to make all your own questions if that is what you wish. We also have a question library for you to sort through if you want some imspiration. View Process
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“All I have learned, I learned from books.”  ~  Abraham Lincoln  

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